Strizak for Congress

“Come out from among them, and be ye separate.”

Are you dissatisfied with and fear the direction of our local and national state of affairs? Do you feel we need reliable representatives at all levels of government? Are you disenfranchised with our elected leaders and potential candidates, who are celebrities with famous surnames? For the benefit of our children, friends, family and community, it is up to all Alaskans to restore trust in our leaders. Now is the time to be courageous.

Short term goals: 

Together we can win the election to fill the office of United States Congress where we can directly impact the law and reign in spending. 

Long term goals: 

If we are not able to win the late Congressman Young’s office, we keep our new Representative working for us. We influence our new Representative with continued correspondence with their office. We will let him or her know when they are doing a good job of representing Alaskans, and when they fall short of that goal. 


Our government has grown into an unrecognizable, corrupt organization that undermines the very people it is supposed to represent. Our education and healthcare systems need a complete overhaul with control returned back to parents and patients, respectively. Financial institutions need more regulatory control overseen by customers. Instead of passing more legislation, our leaders must reign in spending and review current laws (i.e. Patriot act, CARES Act, ObamaCare, etc.). Power is and must remain with the people. Therefore, a major clean-up effort is needed in DC. Then we can revitalize our economy with continued infrastructure improvements to support Alaska’s industries (oil, mining, fishing, tourism, etc.).

What I will fight for: 

-Strong family values 

-Religious freedom 

-Constitutional rights; guns, speech, etc. 

-Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

-Protection of citizens before politicians 

-Strong police and military force 

-Salary caps and term limits

I will work hard in DC to restore the freedoms that our forefathers memorialized for us in the Constitution. 

About me:

I was born in Hazleton, Pennsylvania in 1972. My father worked in the coal industry did my grandfather and great grandfather.  My father died of black lung when I was 13 years old. In order to escape my destitute situation, I enlisted in the United States Air Force (USAF). I served as an Air Defense Intercept Controller (Weapons Director) from 1990 to 1999 with an honorable discharge. I am grateful for the opportunities that my time in service offered me. I learned skills that helped me better provide for my family. I, also, traveled extensively around the United States, and overseas in South America and the Asia Pacific theater. I was fortunate that my last duty assignment brought my family to beautiful Alaska in 1996, where we chose to make our home.  

My husband, Bob, and I were married in 1999. Bob retired from the USAF in 2006 to care for our sons, Evan and Austin, while I worked.

I, faithfully, served the public while in the USAF. I continued my faithful service with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller at Merrill Field since 2001. I was due to retire in July 2022 before I was removed from federal service in March because I finally stood up for myself. I can no longer participate in the medical and religious tyranny that is systematically stripping my fellow Alaskans of their rights and freedoms.

God helps those who help themselves. I know you all want to provide for your families without worrying if your elected officials are working for the benefit of Alaska. I know God is demanding more of me. Do you feel a strong calling as well? Together we can achieve so much more than we could alone. Therefore, I pray you find me worthy of your vote to represent all Alaskans as your public servant.  

As soon as we return America to its former standing as a strong, leading nation on the world stage, we can shift our focus on Alaska’s needs. 

I love you all because you are made in God’s image. And, I hope you remind others of the same. Forget me not. 


Alaskans for Constitutional Rights, Make Americans Free Again, Wellness Forum Health, American Association of Physical Anthropologists (AAPA)


AAS, Air Traffic Control, University of Alaska Anchorage, 2000

AAS, Space Operations Technology, Community College of the Air Force, 1998

HS Diploma, Freeland High School, 1990

Employment History:

2001-2022, FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist, Merrill Tower, Alaska

1999-2001, Full-time College Student, University of Alaska Anchorage

1996-1999, Evaluator/Instructor/Office Administrator, U.S. Air Force, Alaska

1994-1996, Air Defense Intercept Controller, U.S. Air Force, Korea

1993-1994, Data Links Maintenance Operator, U.S. Air Force, Iceland

1990-1993, Radar Operator, U.S. Air Force, Utah

It Starts with us

We are stronger together. We all were born for a time such as this. We all have prayed for someone to step forth and save us.  Truth be told, we will save each other. 


Join Us

Please consider joining us to ensure our government serves Alaskans.